What it means to be blacklisted 


What it means to be blacklisted 

9/11: 20 years after
Who decides who gets to be listed as untrustworthy or a threat? With political scientist Prof. Marieke de Goede.

Terrorist sanction lists, No-Fly lists, and so-called ‘kill lists’ for drone warfare. The list is one of the oldest forms of knowledge. And yet, it has made a strong comeback since the 9/11 attacks. Who decides who gets to be listed as untrustworthy or a threat? What are the consequences for individuals and organizations? Political scientist Prof. Marieke de Goede (UvA) on the politics of the list.

In collaboration with Platform Contesting Governance (Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe) and Institutions for Open Societies).

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Wednesday November 3 2021 (20:00-21:30)
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9/11: 20 years after

Was it indeed a turning point in history, as is often said? And if so, to whom?