Who’s got the right to water?


Who’s got the right to water?

Met het doel voor ogen
How do we distribute water in a fair and sustainable way? Does nature also have the right to water? With human rights scholar Dr Daphina Misiedjan.

In the Netherlands, fresh water resources are abundant. But this does not mean it will stay like this forever. In the exceptionally dry summer of 2018 there already was a nationwide water shortage. Climate change, so it seems, will increasingly turn water into a source of conflict. Not just in the Netherlands, but all around the world. The good news is: there is enough fresh water on this planet for everyone. But how do we distribute it in a fair way?
In this lecture legal scholar Dr Daphina Misiedjan will talk about water as an essential human right. Water scarcity, poor water and inadequate sanitation negatively impact the livelihoods of many people across the globe. So access to fresh water is vital. But once we’ve got access to it, does this automatically give us the right to use it for whatever purpose we please? And what about nature, does it also have a right to water?


Date & time
Tuesday March 5 2019 (20:00-21:30)
No registration is needed. But seats are limited and first come, first served.
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