Jamilah Sherally MSc

MD Global Health and Tropical Medicine
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Sherally is the medical coordinator of Stichting Bootvluchteling, a Dutch NGO providing medical care in Europe's largest refugee camp, Moria. In order to draw attention to a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in the camp and the consequent humanitarian crisis which would follow, Sherally has joined the SOSMoria campaign, an emergency appeal signed by more than 40.000 doctors and civilians calling on the EU to bring the refugees in Moria to safety.

Jamilah Sherally is a Dutch doctor of Global Health and Tropical Medicine. After her post-graduate training in the Netherlands she worked with various international organizations in Nigeria, Mali and recently also on the Thai-Burmese border. Currently she is situated on Lesbos, where she is the medical coordinator of BRF (Boat Refugee Foundation/Stichting Bootvluchteling), a Dutch NGO that provides medical and psychosocial care in Moria, the largest refugee camp in Europe. Her additional passions include Islam, languages, travel and green sustainable living. Jamilah has a special interest in the health care of asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and refugees.