Our food system: everything is connected


Our food system: everything is connected

De toekomst van ons eten
What makes our food system vulnerable? And what levers can we pull to bring about system change? With sustainability scientist Dr Brian Dermody (UU).

Our food system is a large living network of people, plants, and animals that are connected across regions, sectors and scales. This means that a change in one part of the food system can set off an unexpected chain of events with dramatic consequences. Take the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The sharp spike in gas prices due to the war has made fertilizer almost unaffordable. This has driven up costs for farmers at the same time as exports from Ukraine are reducing, all leading to increased food prices.

To understand how to bring about sustainable change in our complex food systems, sustainability scientist Dr Brian Dermody (UU) combines complexity science with transdisciplinary approaches. How can they help us to achieve a safe and secure food system in the future?

In collaboration with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development & Future Food Utrecht (UU).


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Tuesday February 14 2023 (20:00-21:30)
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De toekomst van ons eten

Klimaatverandering, de coronapandemie en de oorlog in Oekraïne laten zien hoe kwetsbaar ons voedselsysteem is. Als we niet ingrijpen, dreigt een wereldwijde voedselcrisis. Hoe stoppen we die?