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Peace and democracy are the highest values in our Western civilization and as such they represent shared ideals such as freedom, equality and solidarity. In the Netherlands we don't often use such big words, but we know what we mean. Or maybe we don't? It seems as if our ideals don't get any closer, despite our high standard of living. One can even speak of dissatisfaction, which can turn into aggression, exemplified by the riots in London or Haren, Groningen.

In three lectures great thinkers give words to this discomfort and examine how we can give these them their original appealing light. If we were to couple freedom to responsibility, would this prevent it from degeneration this into indifference? Solidarity is important in times of a global economic crisis. How can we get a grip on our fear of being short changed? And how do we make sure that our fear does not suffocate the political debate? Maybe we need to create room again for real beauty and quality, as opposed to a superficial culture in which equality is understood to be the same as mediocrity.

In this series of lectures speaker revaluate the ideals of our civilization. How can we look to the future with an optimistic view? Don't hesitate to enter the discussion!

Organized at the occasion of the 300 year anniversary of the Vrede van Utrecht (Treaty of Utrecht)

When February 11th, March 11th, April 2nd
Where Aula, Academiegebouw, Domplein 29
Time 8 – 9.30 pm

Monday February 11th
Theodore Dalrymple (author and culturecritic)

Monday March 11th
Prof. Frank Furedi (professor of sociology , University of Kent)

Tuesday April 2nd
Prof. Roger Scruton (philosopher and art expert)

Maandag 11 februari
Freedom and responsibility
Theodore Dalrymple (auteur en cultuurcriticus)
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Maandag 11 maart
Fear and solidarity
Prof. Frank Furedi (emeritus hoogleraar Sociologie, University of Kent)
Engelstalige lezing

Dinsdag 2 april
Equality and mediocrity
Prof. Roger Scruton (filosoof en kunstkenner)
Engelstalige lezing